Resurrection of the Moose

When I set out to travel the world, I planned to document all of my adventures (and misadventures) on this little blog. But life on the road, in all its wonderful unpredictability and messiness, got in the way of my plans.

The trip was everything I expected it to be – even though it sounds so cliché, that I actually cringe when I type it. The truth is that it really was magical. And chaotic, inspirational, frustrating, invigorating and tiring – often at the same time. Because let’s be honest – long term backpacking isn’t all rainbows and butterflies. Between all the perfect Instagram moments I had my fair share of stomach bugs, close encounters with cockroaches and giant wasps, sickening bus rides, bed bugs, blisters, stolen mobiles, cold showers, and warm beers.

My reward after hours of hiking – the amazing view from Chaukhi pass (3338masl) in Georgia

The trip left me with smile lines, sun-bleached hair, several epiphanies about the meaning of life, as well as thousands of impressions, memories, and pictures. I laughed and cried, listened and learned, walked and watched…and I just never seemed to find enough time to write…

Procrastination. Who hasn’t felt a sudden urge to clean the whole house two days before a math exam? When I was on the road, procrastination and FOMO blended together into a cocktail of overwhelming restlessness. An immense fear of missing out swallowed me. How could I say no to another snorkeling trip? What if I missed a friendly sea turtle? I could always write the next day…but the next day there was a local festival or an exceptionally pretty sunset, or a mysterious trail leading up a mountain, or… well, you get the point. There was just so much to see and do. I let the current carry me, and I got swept away.

Graphic representation of the power of the current that swept me – Niagara Falls

Every day has 24 hours. Not more. Not less. This is another cliché, I know. It seems so simple and so obvious, and yet it is somehow so difficult to accept for this omnimaniac (which basically means the opposite of a monomaniac). I admit that I still regularly (unsuccessfully) rebel against the concept, but that is an entirely different story… I have, however, reluctantly accepted one thing, that I now am going to share with you. Free life advice from the Moose. Are you ready? Here it comes (in a very simplified form): how you choose to spend the 24 hours is all about priorities. If something is important enough, you find the time for it. Even if you’re watching the final match of the World Championship, with every beer you consume, finding time for a toilet break becomes more and more important…

The truth is that at the time writing was not enough a priority for me. I liked it, of course. Many times I sat down with my laptop – head full of words and fingers itching to type them. But after some time, restlessness took over, and I abandoned half-written texts in pursuit of other things – until the dust settled on my blog. I wanted to write, but I didn’t want it enough to actually make the time for it, in the 24 hours I had available every day.

It wasn’t always cloudy – Caucasus mountains, Georgia

I got the idea to resurrect the Moose when I was running on my local trails (yes, I’ve been settled in one place long enough to have trails I call ‘mine’). I’ve heard that some people get their best ideas in the shower. Well, I get my best ideas when I run. And this idea is simply brilliant! I have a good feeling about this… I miss writing and I owe it to the Moose to give this blogging thing one more shot. The topics of said writing will hopefully be revealed to me on my future runs… What can go wrong?

My current neighborhood

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