About the Moose

Who is the Moose?

We met the Moose on one of our weekend trips in the Norwegian wilderness. After hiking for a while we took the obligatory kvikklunsj-break. While we were enjoying our nutritious meal, we saw him walking by.

He seemed a bit sad, so we invited him to join us. Reluctantly he walked towards us and sat down on a nearby stone. We shared our kvikklunsj with him and asked what was wrong. The Moose told us that, as he observed people come and go over the years, he started wondering where do they come from, and where do they go. He understood there had to be a world outside of his forest.

Like every year, as the hunting season was quickly approaching and hordes of blood thirsty men and women were cleaning their guns, the Moose was thinking about the meaning of life, the universe and everything, and the thought that he might never see this world outside of his forest, saddened him greatly.

He seemed like a really nice Moose and we felt bad for him (and a bit embarrassed for our species) so we invited him to join us on our trip to the summit of a nearby mountain. As we walked and talked, we quickly bonded over our shared love of nature and running. So we walked and we talked and we laughed, and we stumbled on the rocks and laughed some more, and somewhere along the way a plan was born in our heads. Finally, we reached our destination. We looked around, we looked at each other and we looked the Moose in the eyes and said: “there is a great world out there, Moose, and we will show it to you”.

So we packed our bags and set out to see the world with the friendly Norwegian Moose….


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